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Why we're doing this?

"Being inundated with endless WhatsApp notification and badges is exhausting. It's about time we have a focused space that values quality"
"I barely have time to sift through piles of irrelevant content to find one useful piece of information. We need a community that filters out the noise and concentrates on truly helpful content"
"Often, it feels like we're just shouting into the void and not truly connecting or learning from each other. We need a platform that fosters real interaction and growth"
"Now that AI is out, it feels like at least 5 new 'life-changing' tools are released every week. We need a platform where we can discuss how to best use day-to-day software but also discover new practical tools"
"I feel like I have no-one to go to when I need long-term career advice. And that has big implications on my life success. I would benefit so much from having a place I can ask people who have been through similar situations already."